New Work!

As part of my graduate study here at Columbus College of Art & Design, we are required to make a blog documenting our creative process – talking, showing images, and just trying to explain what it is we’re thinking about and doing.  We have a project-based curriculum, so our semester is all about working on one large project, with an ending point, and eventually an exhibition.

I have been going through a sort of ‘existential crisis’ in terms of what my work is about, and more importantly where this semester-long project is going/taking me.  In the vein of self-exploration, I did what I do best when I’m stressed:  I wandered around my new city (Columbus, OH) and took photos.  While shooting I thought of where I’ve been – in the past six years I’ve lived in five different places – which has left me with a feeling of loss, and a general feeling of being ‘a man without a home.’  I took that idea and created a few new pieces, in a new series I’m calling A Lost Man.  With these photos, which are digital images overlapped to create unique environments, I am trying to address both the fear of being in a new place as well as the feeling that every place kind of looks the same.  I’ve used empty streets – something every town or city has everywhere – to contrast the commonality that most places have (a feeling of comfort) with emptiness (a feeling that is frightening), using images from upstate New York and Columbus.  Here is an example of what I’ve been doing:


I’ve been thinking about ways to combine more imagery in these pieces, as well as introducing non-photographic elements like paint, ink and collage.  Stay tuned, this project is very exciting for me on many levels, lets see where it takes me!

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