Outside Lies the Magic

Work continues on my semester-long CCAD graduate project.  This past week in our Digital Culture class we had to design and post GIFs, the initial process being just to show that we understand how to make them (see Batman in Training here or below).  However, to take the assignment to an advanced level we were tasked with creating a GIF that directly relates to our personal work.  The GIF below is more of a test than anything else – but it relates to my project and personal work, and I do love how the repetitive nature really emphasizes the similarity/familiarity of all empty streets, whether they are in upstate New York or here in Columbus.


While motion/movement has never been an aspect of my work, I have been investigating the influence it could have on what I’m trying to say about spatial emptiness, loneliness and melancholy.  The timing of this GIF works really well for how I want viewers to interact with my pieces, but in a new way.  My usual desire is for the viewer to be drawn into the spaces I create, lingering to try and observe the small details found in my images, hopefully evoking some level of unconscious feeling.  With the GIF version, the rapidity of the image change disrupts that notion of being drawn in, yet the timing is long enough that each time a frame rolls by the viewer yearns to quickly grab at any new imagery that might pop out to them.  Very satisfied.

Starting to research concepts of psychological landscapes and constructed realities, and what those terms mean in relation to my own work.  Going to begin reading Outside Lies the Magic by John Stilgoe (the imagery created by this books title is profoundly intriguing to me), Land Matters by Liz Wells, and a few books by Victor Bergen recommended to me by my mentor.

As always, artists I am looking at right now include:

Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Stan Douglas and Matthew Brandt.

I’m almost always looking/re-looking at work by:

Andreas Gursky, Edward Burtynsky, Ragnar Axelsson and George Condo.

“I love the idea of two incompatible worlds brought together – opposing forces harmonically melded.”                                         – George Condo

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