New Research and GIF Redux

Been delving into research based on my ideas of spatial emptiness and the psychological landscape, and thanks to references from two fellow CCAD MFAers (props to Jovanni Luna and Jason Schwab), I’ve been introduced to a few really awesome artists, who challenge the ideas of traditional image-making, and have really helped me think and process my own work!  Hooray!  For a look at some innovative folks, check out:

Rose DeSiano

Matthew Daub

Leslie Hewitt

Also, after some discussion and re-tweaking, I have remade a previous GIF to more emphasize an integration into my own personal work.  I think the new version helps to illuminate my idea of familiarity and connectivity of the ’empty street’, along with an implied aspect of traveling ‘into’ the images themselves thanks to the motion of the GIF.


1 comment
  1. colleendavis24 said:

    That GIF is awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

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