A Lost Man – Video artist statement

Been experimenting with various ways to get my message out.  A video artist statement really appeals to me:  it is a new media (for me) that I have been VERY interested in getting into for many years (so a small project is a great stepping stone to future efforts), it reaches a whole new audience of viewers, and it continues to spread the nevin price-meader web of information, always a good thing in my mind.  Getting to play around with video editing was a little daunting, and I wound up downloading a handful of random programs for tweaking audio fixes, but I think it came out pretty good for a first time effort.  Might shorten it a little bit, but I think the thirty or so seconds of wandering before it ends really helps drive home the whole concept.

Furthermore, going to start printing some large versions of my finished images this week, trying to get a vibe for what size I want my final pieces to be.  Excited to start seeing things take shape!  Still shooting, still editing, still figuring it all out.

Been looking at the work of Anselm Keifer, his use of one-point long perspectives is very appealing to me, along with his tendency to paint and apply various media on top of photographs, many thanks for the recommendation from my mentor Hiroshi!

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