Large prints and new discoveries.

Continuing to print BIG images, at least 44 inches across, and starting to really enjoy them on this big scale.  My initial test print was out of whack in terms of resolution, but after investigation I realized I had been trying to print a jpeg file that big, whoops.  Adjusted the file types and all is hunky-dory.  Very pleased to see the large scale nature of these, the images successfully drive home the feelings I’ve been trying to convey, and my unease about this project has been lessened ever so slightly (don’t worry Ric, I am actually stressed out.)  I had one of the second-year candidates take a look at them (woohoo Angie!), and she was able to immediately understand the psychological aspects I’ve been trying to attain, always good to know I’m not the only one who sees what is happening in my images.

Been picking up books here and there for research.  Got a few reads on the sacredness of space and the feelings they evoke, just cracked open The Lure of the Local by Lucy Lippard – I love this book already for a few reasons:  she constantly references her experiences growing up in Maine (makes me miss my homeland more and more) AND she analyzes a piece by the one and only Phil Young (mentor, friend, teacher, all around mostamazingpersonever), so bravo Lucy!  I also picked up books about Eugene Atget, Edward Burtynsky, and John Coplans!  While Burtynskys pictures are very familiar to me – he’s been one of my favorite photographers for many years – it’s very exciting to have one of his artist books in my hands!

Photo on 10-3-13 at 3.16 PM #2I was also fortunate enough to come across the work of Jonas Fornerod recently.  His use of perspective and placement of the lone figure really appeals to me and what I try to say in my own work.  Fornerod executes psychological feelings in a expansive space perfectly, his The Center Of My World series is really quite stunning.

Also, got to speak with photographer Chad Hunt after his talk today.  His work is a direction I see my own stuff going – I’ve always been very interested in portraiture and photojournalism!

“Photography is a marvelous discovery, a science that has attracted the greatest intellects, and art that excites the most astute minds—and one that can be practiced by any imbecile” – Nadar

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  1. ccadmfa said:

    Nevin, I’m looking forward to seeing the large prints. Also glad you are enjoying the Lippard book. You should talk with Liz Roberts.

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