Studio Visit

Had a studio visit with poet and renowned art critic Jon Yau today!  His advice and the discussion we had about my current work was oh so helpful.  As with any visit from a person with a fresh perspective, John had lots of insightful things to say from new angles that had not crossed my mind.  Along the lines of my critique from yesterday, John agreed that I have built a formula that I like and I now just need to start creating a narrative and stronger imagery to help support the statement I’m trying to make.  He got me to think about the concept of digitally altering my images ever so slightly, to help aid in my attempts to fool the viewers mind of what is where in each composition, and since I’ve accepted the fate of photoshop being part of my life now, I am open to experimenting with how I can deceive the eye with very subtle touches.

John has gotten me to look at Michel de Certeau and his book The Practice of Everyday Life, photographer John Divola who works with creating interesting spaces, photographer Kate Greene and her beautiful portraits, the films of Wong Kar-Wei, and the oddities found in Nighthawks, Edward Hoppers famous and over-used painting (look at the napkin holders).

New ideas circulating, new stuff coming, will return shortly.

“As a photographer you enlarge or emphasize a certain moment, making it another reality.” – Rineke Dijkstra

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