New Discoveries and New Directions

NewSpace3 copy copyFeeling kind of stuck lately.  While I am very happy with my overall work I’ve done so far this semester, I have this continual feeling of missing something or that the work just isn’t whole.  The general consensus I’ve gotten from mentors, professors and my fellow candidates is that I have a method and a formula that works well for what I have been doing, but that I need to now figure out some level of a narrative or more thematic elements.

With those thoughts on my mind I’ve been capturing some new images on my night walks.  I think I just got stuck with the formulaic mindset I had, and lost sight of the intentions and thoughts that started this project.  I’ve been doing more reading about space, the everyday and the connection they can have on a deeper level.  I got to crack open The Everyday: Documents of Contemporary Art recently, an awesome collection of essays by 53 different artists and writers, and the few short entries I’ve read are helping with my current block.  I also recently discovered the artist Bradley Garrett and his concepts of ‘space hacking’ – venturing into urban, and frequently illegal areas to create amazing imagery out of seemingly everyday locations – and his book Explore Everything: Place Hacking the City, which is currently in the mail!  Looking up and looking forward to my weekly mentor meeting tomorrow morning, Hiroshi always has the best words and advice for me!

“Sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing something. You’re intuitively following, to see where it leads.”            – Edward Burtynsky

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