A light (and maybe a ghost?) at the end of the tunnel?

Try8 copy copy

Attempts at figural concepts were made.  Not a TOTAL failure.  Last week my mentor and I discussed the idea of placing figures into my images, in a way to help bring the conceptual/psychological self-portrait to the front in more of a literal self-portrait.  At first this idea turned me off, I thought the images might end up looking cliche or just too busy for words, and after my first round of playing with the figures I was in no way sold on the idea.  In the past, and mainly just for laughs, I’ve played with the multiple-nevins-in-one-image idea, so I had a solid idea of what I wanted to do, though after capturing these ghostly figures I really struggled with combining and layering the two images.  At first, when in full color and untouched in photoshop, the figure just disappeared in the mixing of full-color images, and playing with masks just made everything look really photoshopped (in that ugly ‘he has no idea how to properly use photoshop techniques’ kind of way).  So thus begun the tweaking of contrast, brightness, saturation and vibrance of each layer in attempts to ‘pull’ that ghostly self out of the picture.

I’m still not %100 sure if this idea is the direction the project is going to take, though I do really like the few final test images I’ve been able to create, and the sense of the self is coming to the forefront in pleasing ways.  Unlike the images above, most of the tests involve two or more figures, layered on top of each other in unique ways, which really helps drive home the duality I’ve been able to find in this process and help to convey the lost feelings I’ve been aiming to convey.  Now I just need to really analyze my body language and surroundings to produce some solid images that properly blend the conceptual with the narrative without going overboard on cliches and overused poses.

“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.” – Charles Dickens

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