Augmented Reality

Got some time to kill?  Want to see some REALLY awesome modern technology?  We recently started playing around with augmented realities in my digital culture class.  Firstly, the term augmented reality appeals so much to me because of what my whole project is about; altering what people view as reality.  Secondly, let me show you how (if you have the time and patience):  If you’re not up to date with what this is, and you have a smartphone, download the Aurasma app.  This free app will let you see a whole new world that is the augmented reality.  Once you have the app, which is essentially a ‘reader’ for altered pieces, search for the channel ‘Nevin Price-Meader’ in the search option on the bottom row of buttons, and ‘follow’ my channel (this will allow you to view whatever pieces I have altered).  Once those two steps are done, press the center ‘bracket’ button and point your phone screen at the image below (kind of like how you might read a QR code) and watch what happens!  Wait for the little purple swirls, and voila!

Try8 copy copy

If you did it right, which I’m sure you are fully capable of doing, you should see a whole new art form come out, all on your fancy phone or tablet screen!  While mine is simply my video artist statement, the possibilities are endless for what one can do with this technology.  We have studied a variety of ‘new media’ technology during this semester, and I’ve chosen this certain system for enhancing my work.  I know it’s a few more steps than one might like to take, but the possibilities are endless for it!  Enjoy!

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