The one handed adventures begin!!

Photo on 10-31-13 at 6.54 PM

Hand injuries suck.  Especially on dominant hands.  Especially when you need that hand for photo snapping.  But life goes on and I must work around this badly broken pinky.  The figural pieces that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks are coming out quite well, been able to find new places and explore new spaces in the dead of night with my kind friend/tour guide Angie, and the results are exciting.  Holding off on any image uploads for now, since I have a feeling these photos may be very close to my final product, and I’m all about the big reveal!

In better news, I will be undertaking an artist residency in Ballyvaughan, Ireland next summer!  The Burren College of Art is where I will be, living and photographing the rural areas of Ireland for one month, and I am beyond excited to return to the emerald isle – this time for an intense and immersive art experience, I feel truly blessed.

Thats it for now, more updates coming soon from Nevin the one-handed artist-guy!

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