Taking it too far and getting actually lost

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Had a studio visit with photographer Tracy Longley-Cook today.  We discussed the new path my images have been taking over the semester, and how to make the spaces I’ve been creating more unique and individual.  Tracy encouraged me to go and actually get lost somewhere – to just get in my car and go, and see where I end up – and use that as the basis for these lost feelings I’ve had.  I think being lost will help with shooting the empty spaces I’ve created, and bring forward some of the new environments I’ve been searching to find.  Tracy also encouraged me to take my photoshopping too far, to really just edit the shit out of these images, making them barely recognizable as streets and figures, and then scale it back, knowing where the end point really is.  I’m very intrigued by the idea of doing these two things, and it is the new stage of my experimentation so far.  More coming soon.

My parting words today come from my dear Phil Young – mentor, teacher, and most importantly friend – who has helped me in so many ways in the short years I’ve known him.  I stumbled upon these words from him while reading The Lure of The Local by Lucy Lippard, and found them so fitting for what has been running through my mind lately.

“It’s a little fragment, but it’s speaking of something that’s whole…  I’m trying to weave broken threads back together… I am attempting to reconnect the cord, searching for ‘home’.” – Phil Young

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