Gateway to another Reality.

111913Try4Just had a mentor meeting with Hiroshi, the first in a while (broken finger on dominant hand = trouble shooting = a little less work than I’d like to have at this point), but great as always.  His continual input, as well as the advice I got from Tracy Longly-Cook last week, have really helped push this project to an interesting and newer state.  Looking back, this project has been through roughly five evolutions of ideas and experimentation before landing where it is now.  Hiroshi used the term ‘a gateway to another reality’, which I’m going to shamelessly steal as an excellent concept name for this project, which has stuck with me as a great way to describe what Im trying to do.  I am interested in that alternate, unknown and often constructed reality that I wind up creating in the blending of imagery, and these realities have started to take on a dream-like quality while still remaining in that realm of being ‘lost’.

The use of the term ‘gateway’ has really opened my mind on this work, first finding it accidentally with a blend of images I threw together, and now striving to find those locations where some kind of barrier can be broken down/built up to alter what viewers see as reality.  The use of gateways has also re-stirred up an on-going theme of my past work, the dream-like state, which I see as bordering on the surreal and helping to both address my idea of ‘lost’ and my own personal struggles with sleep and dreaming.

New work is forthcoming, I have my last critique of the semester tomorrow, which will hopefully give me some new topics to think about and leave me with a comfortable window to finalize the images I already have and to create some new ones.  Hiroshi has me thinking about playing with varying degrees of perspective as well as looking at an old favorite, Ralph Eugene Meatyard and his dreamy/bizarre alternate reality images, and not that I’m about to start strapping on creepy masks for my pictures, but I see a connection and a strong place for inspiration.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality” – Alfred Stieglitz


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  1. colleendavis24 said:

    Not sure if this was intentional or not but you have a lot of geometric shapes present in this image between the lines of the parking lot, the cylinder pipes, the circle from the lights, rectangles from the windows. Maybe you should focus on finding patterns within the places you are visiting. You could incorporate this into the idea of patterns within dreams, patterns within feeling lost at certain times or having that feeling with certain memories.

    Also… are you wearing jeans in that image? Weird.

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