Student Teaching: 1 week in

Started my student teaching internship last week!  Part of our Teaching Methods class is taking part in a class of our choice (usually within our field of interest) as a student intern, teaching assistant, etc.  I am sitting in on a beginning photography class with the wonderful Shannon Benine.  So far my experience has been just helping out in small ways – passing out papers, small tasks for Shannon, aiding students in getting their DSLRs set on the proper settings for the class, etc. – but it has already been an awarding experience.  It is a photo 1 class essentially, but it is always good to brush up on the basics (since I haven’t taken a real photo class in about a year), and it really helps to just be able to observe the professor, to view what works and what doesn’t, observe better ways to explain different methods, and to start to get a feel for how I would teach the same class.  Shannon is a great teacher to work with, she has a demanding personality that I think really engages the students (out of respect as well as intimidation I am sure), and she is great at hammering away the vital information needed in the basics of photography.  Looking forward to first critiques, my own presentations to the class, and learning more about teaching!

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