While I’m feeling less stuck on my overall project, I’ve been having some troubles with the formulation of proper questions.  I need to come up with a series of questions that I can ask during interviews to get my interviewees/models to open up about their experiences, and to get them more comfortable with having their photograph taken.  I have been reading all the Humans of New York stories I can handle, listening to various stories on StoryCorps, and reading up on how Duane Michals combined words with his imagery to help explain a narrative better.

Still trying to find people on the street to approach, still being screwed over by the weather.  Will be moving inside soon, as well as starting a Facebook group/Craigslist search in hopes of finding people easier and setting up interviews.

Thats all for now, stay warm.

“I had to write about all the things you couldn’t see,… the artist has to make a leap of faith to insight, otherwise it’s just description.” – Duane Michals

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  1. Crystal said:

    While you’re just getting going, you could ask people you know to participate. Maybe they don’t end up in the finished product and maybe they do, once you have compiled a bulk of images and statements it won’t matter.

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