The Last Words Project: You can be a part of it!

I am interested in last words – what would you want your last words to be?  Have you ever experienced the last words of a dying loved one, or the last words of someone who has otherwise left your life?  If so, how have those words impacted your own decision regarding your legacy?

I will be spending the next few months interviewing people about this subject, taking their photograph, and having them write a small statement in their own handwriting and words – all of which will be used to create the final compositions that I will exhibit.

Want to take part in this project?

I have created this page as an information source and contact site for the project, if you are interested in participation, or want further information, please take the following steps:

– Contact me via email at, with the subject ‘Last Words Project’


– Check out the Facebook page: The Last Words Project

I will be updating this category from time to time with new information, deadlines and dates of travel, and any pertinent information to the project as a whole.  Thanks!

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  1. What if the last words aren’t what the person says but what you say to the person who is passing. Maybe that is what they need to be okay. – Either way, interesting.

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