Student Teaching: Week 4 & 5

The students have been continuing to learn printing techniques and how to deal with the proper settings for printing images via Photoshop.  They have learned to print contact sheets, test prints and full-blown enlargements, which will be due on Monday along with the beginning of our first critiques of their ‘Time’ project.  I am excited to see what the students come up with to tackle such a broad subject matter, I’m sure a room of creative types, photo majors or not, will come up with very exciting ways to portray the passage and representation of time.  Shannon went to Chicago for the 2014 CAA conference, so I got left in charge of overseeing the midterm test and making sure they had the grasp of printing down.  There were some bumps in the road with printing, mainly with figuring out proper printer and paper profiles, but all is well.  Got to grade the midterm tests which was a fun exercise in being a real-life teacher, always good practice using that doomed red pen!  This week we have been creating a syllabus for our Teaching Methods class based on a class we would want to teach as teachers ourselves.  I’ve been in the process of creating a black & white film-based introductory photography class, since I still feel the best way to learn the medium is starting with film (maybe because it is how I was taught, but it just feels right).  More to come, really loving this!

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