Projects and Classes and Work and SPE, OH MY!

Been a little while since I’ve posted, been caught up in the storm that is school/work/play/school/showcases, etc, etc.  My project has been going along slow but steadily, I’ve managed to snag an interview here and there, and the overall body of work is growing.  The hurdle I’ve met is in the form of conceptualizing how to make final compositions based on my sitters last words – how do you compose an image when someone simply writes “suck it yah dingus”?  Also, a number of my projected compositions are going to be based around nicer weather (green grass, bright sunlight, etc.) and the barrage of ‘polar vortexes’ hitting the midwest right now is extremely unhelpful.

Classes are going well, recently have been inspired by the writings of Gustav Metzger and his theories on auto-destructive art – makes me want to break things (in a good way).  Student teaching is still an adventure, simultaneously learning and teaching as we move through the semester, the students have been working on scan-o-grams lately – good fun!

Was part of the RAWartists PIXEL showcase last week, which was an awesome and amazing experience.  RAW brings together artists in from particular cities, from all disciplines, and holds a one night showcase of their work.  It was good practice for talking about, selling, and displaying my artwork.  Got to meet a bunch of really talented and amazing people, three new participants in my project, and continued the ever so important task of ‘making connections’ in the local art community.  Check out their website for more information.

This week is short, since a whole gang of us CCAD’ers are off to Baltimore for the 2014 Society for Photographic Education national conference, always a great time – though I assume I’ll be a little tired of the awe-inspiring geekdom that is the photography community at large.

Will be back with more after/during our trip!

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