Steps in weird directions.

Went to SPE this past weekend, it was crazy.  Lots of great talks/seminars, networking, art books and parties – needless to say, I’m drained.  While in Baltimore I found a few more people to take part in the project, which is great – however in talking to these people about the project I discovered that I have become much more interested in the stories they tell me than the actual last words they write.

I guess I’ve always been interested in stories, and what I’ve heard from people has inspired me to also try to photographically represent those stories along with the others.

I’ve also been continuing to try and compose the final images of words/polaroids with environments inspired by the words.  Finding the right spot, or the right weather, or any number of other needs has been a fun adventure, but also limiting.  I’m worried that the compositions I create are going to be unreadable or just too damn cliche to convey the meaning.  So I’ve been working a lot on that.

Going to New York this coming weekend/week for spring break and further investigations into my project.  It will be good to visit old friends, meet new subjects for my project, build some more finished works and hear more stories.

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