Changes, the starman says it all.  After a successful second group critique, and a great meeting with my mentor, my project has started to take on a new form.  For this critique, I displayed some more and newer images I had constructed from the collection of portraits and statements that I have amassed so far, and I also tacked up all the polaroids and paper scraps that I have collected in a secondary piece on the side.  The overall feel that I got from my classmates and mentors was that the actual objects that I have been gathering are far more interesting to see than the constructed images I had started to make.  The diptychs that I had been creating were starting to feel too cliche, lame and over time have become secondary to the actual polaroids and last words that I have been collecting.

So now I am looking at ideas of beauty found in the mundane, memento mori and the power of the snapshot when thinking about how photography captures a moment in time that is impossible to retrieve.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Barthes had to say about photography:

“If photography is to be discussed on a serious level, it must be described in relation to death,… It’s true that a photograph is a witness, but a witness of something that is no more.”

So now that I am leaning in a new and changed direction, my project is turning into a new and before now unknown entity.  More to come, we shall see.

“I am neither subject nor object but a subject who feels he is becoming an object” – Roland Barthes

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