Changing Imagery.

"Slippers." © nevin price-meader. 2014

Over the course of this semester this project has taken on multiple forms, and experienced many shifts in both how I choose to talk about it as well as how I am choosing to present it.  Do I just display polaroids in a grid on the wall?  Do I just show the ‘last words’ written by my sitters?  Do I put up the diptychs that I started making at the beginning of the semester?

Do I do something completely different?

Yes.  Yes I do.  While I loved shooting with the Polaroid camera for a majority of the semester, I have chosen to put that little guy aside in favor of a dumbed-down digital camera (I have been putting my Diana+ lenses on my DSLR) – and the results are very exciting for me.  I needed this work to go somewhere else, to tell a different story – and to share the stories I was hearing in a new sense.  Currently I have shifted completely from where I started: I am no longer focusing on the desired last words that people have shared with me, and am instead looking deeper into the real stories of loss that the people I have interviewed have experienced.  These stories are banal, utterly unexciting, but true and real in a way that the desired words were falling flat for me.  I have been finding a lot of meaning and power in the mundane and everyday world around me lately, so I suppose it was only natural for me to be drawn to the banality of a lot of these statements.

Three weeks to go.  Crunch time.  More work coming soon.

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”  – Diane Arbus

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