“no past, no future, no, not even a present… there wasn’t even a memory”

while considering the upcoming face-first dive into my thesis, this quote from hubert selby jr has stuck in my mind.  i am going to spend this coming year revisiting some themes that were addressed in my first semester project from last year (a lost man), though i will be looking at them through a new lens, and in many ways addressing an entirely new topic.

i will be focusing on the importance of ‘home’ and what it means as an overall concept, as well as what it has meant to me personally throughout my thirty years.

this is my tentative concept, and it will not be fully flushed out until i start making.  when i set out to work on a project, i always start with the basics – i just go out and shoot images, then i focus on the conceptual/theoretical thoughts after the fact.  so that is what i’m going to be doing in the coming months, i’m going back to my many homes: spread across maine, new york, north carolina and ohio (MAYBE back to ireland if i can swing it), and i’m going to photograph, write, draw, collect, etc. as a large part of my research.  what will come of it is yet to be truly known, but that is what makes it exciting for me.

in the meantime, here are the artists i’ve been looking at as of late:

robert ellis is a young irish photographer, who i had the pleasure of getting to know while i was there this summer.  ellis’s work from new line focuses on a small, isolated community in the west of ireland.  i have been thinking a lot about how to alternately capture an environment or landscape while trying to avoid tropes and cliche imagery, and i think ellis looks at places in that way.

Lorna’s Garden June 2012

Abandoned Foundations March 2010

ellis also has a series called the peoples park, which focuses on a forest park found within galway city.  this space also resonates with me in terms of its unique local and isolation.

The Peoples Park 2014

caroline mcnally is another irish artist who i’ve been looking into for her images of landfills in her earth is room enough series.

CMN-1 -72dpi CMN-4-72dpii’ve been looking at how idris khan combines many individual photographs to create one single image, such as his homages to the bechers.

idris_khan_sherical_gas 2007.132_ph_web

martin cregg is another irish artist whom i discovered this summer, and the isolation, emptiness, and his amazing use of white are very enticing to me.  these images are from his midlands series.

L_CREGG001 Martin-Cregg-7


and finally i’ve recently enjoyed looking into the work of melanie schiff.  her view on landscape is somewhat more traditional, but also quite stunning, and i really enjoy both her digital images and her in-camera film prints.

Ramped 2009

The River 2009

these two more traditional images are just my type of thing, but i also love her ability to abstract the landscape and create unique images out of more mundane subject matter.

Chimneys 2014


Triple Falls 2014

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