so, as always, things with my thesis are shifting.  while i started with a desire to address the meaning of ‘home’, i’ve decided to open the concept up a bit and focus more just on the idea of importance of space.  over the course of my time here at ccad, i’ve really come to learn that capturing images of spaces that i see is a truly cathartic exercise for me, so i’m pursuing that process more in depth.

the images i wind up making are representations of a desire to be alone mixed with my inevitable isolated existence.

where is this going? i have no real idea.

am i still traveling to photograph places i’ve lived in the past? yes, to try and answer why those places worked (or didn’t) as a comfortable space.

why have i left these places?

why do i have an uncontrollable urge to be on the move?

why are some spaces more important, and why are they not?


been finding/looking at some new artists, mainly adam white.

adam white takes some great images of spaces, and the titles of two of his projects, “it’s okay to be alone” and “the best place to be is somewhere else” really speak to me. some of my favorite forms of inspiration often come in simple statements, lyrics, titles, sentences, etc., so white’s work already was intriguing to me, and reinforced further by the titles he chooses.

10395560863_5c11cbc574_cfrom the best place to be is somewhere else. © adam white.

14654902799_dc1a84fdf7_zfrom i’ll do it tomorrow. © adam white.

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