getting unstuck, and then stuck again

_DSC0632 copy

just finished up a week of travels in maine.  i visited five different cities/areas that i once called home to snap pictures and think about things.  i think i’ve made some headway with the direction of some of my images, and some not.  i find myself constantly being hung up on things that are not at the forefront of importance, which is making me feel a bit iffy at this point in my process.  but, i must soldier on and do what i usually do: go and take pictures.  i feel like LOTS of the images i’ve been making wont end up being used, but in some ways it’s all part of the journey.

ideas are swirling around, and i keep finding little bits of inspiration along the way.  been having a lot of fun with my polaroid camera again, so i think i will include a piece with polaroids in it for the final show, i hope to at least.

lastly, i’m currently stuck at the airport in portland maine, and by the time i get on my delayed flight to chicago, i will have already missed my connection to columbus… soooo maybe i won’t be in crit tomorrow after all.

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