midterm review, becoming unmoored and rules


had my MFA midterm review on friday,and thankfully everything went well.  i got lots of good input from both my mentors, thesis instructors and faculty who were present to look over my progress.  the general consensus is that i am on the right track, and i just need to narrow in on my imagery choices and presentation options, so i’m happy with the review.  i have fully grasped onto the theme idea of being unmoored, something one of my thesis instructors said when thinking about my images – i see it as a perfect way to think about and view the pictures i’ve been taking, as some sort of place that exists but is simultaneously unattached to anything and full of ways to escape if needed.  here is a basic rough artist statement that i have been working on for a show that i will be entering using some of my images:


 “Our existence in one specific space or environment is often fallow, unfulfilling and inert – leaving us with a need to create false paths and escape routes to be able to find some level of comfort with where we are. These images ask the question why stay in one specific place, and what exactly makes that space uniquely mundane enough to want to remain. The images embody succinct stoppages along a randomly generated timeline, and the unpeopled landscapes in an urban environment are used to emphasize a parallel moment in time when the feeling of dissatisfaction with any one place is constant.”

the other big thing that came out of my midterm review was the idea of giving myself a set of technical and emotional rules for when i am shooting, to help narrow my scope of choices for everything about how, where and when i choose to snap a picture.  when i have them all fleshed out i will post them here.

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