that time of year again… changing a lot of things. but also not really.

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had an eye-opening studio visit with ofer wolberger recently, and he helped confirm a lot of reservation i have been having with my project.  SO, things are changing on certain levels.  primarily, i am altering the way i choose to talk about the photographs i am taking: before, i was looking at things from way to broad of a viewpoint (’empty places’, ‘importance of the everyday’, etc.), so i’ve chosen to narrow it down.  i’ve also decided to start bringing some undertones of the problems of over population into the conversation.  last year we discussed our tentative plans about our thesis projects as we moved into the summer, one of the topics i mentioned tackling was the idea of over population; and in many ways that is what my work has been this semester: unpeopled places.

over the summer i was reading a lot about landscape, specifically a book by frank gohlke where he addressed emptiness within landscapes, referring to them as ‘unpeopled places.’  this term has come to be a major influence on my mindset when i take photographs, and i see it as a lasting impact on how i will talk about my work in the future.

i’ve also made some changes technically.  having made all my pictures this semester using a very wide-angle lens, i’ve chosen to stop using the wide view that has dominated my images thus far.  ofer pointed out that the use of the wide angle, while nice at capturing a lot of the foreground and surrounding space, limits the images and makes them look very moon-like and somehow off.  they are immediately recognizable as having been shot with the wide-angle lens, and this brings up the question of why the technique was used in the first place, and the conversation quickly moves away from the intended meaning.  i am going to play with adjusting the lens corrections in photoshop to hopefully fix some previous images that i do like, but for now it is time for a different lens, and a different view.  thankfully the overall content of what i will be shooting is not going to change too drastically, so all this gibberish about change won’t seem hugely apparent.

with my final critique of the semester right around the corner, who knows what i’ll show and discuss, but something will be there…

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  1. ccadmfa said:

    Glad to hear the conversation with Ofer was good. Stop by and tell me more.


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