Can’t Be Lucky Every Day



Show is up.

Defense is right around the corner.

Paper is underway.

It is what it is.

I think the one thing that I will be asked/questioned about the most is the existence of the one small image on the back wall of my space.  It was something I had wanted to add for quite some time, I just hadn’t found the right image.  It marks the next step in my works evolution, a turning point if you will.  I was encouraged by three different artists I spoke with to really push the overall idea further, to convey what I’ve been trying to say about these unexceptional spaces in newer ways, to avoid repetitiveness.  The small image, made that size intentionally, shows the existence of the enjoyment found in these underwhelming environments: a used firework.  It is the next step in the microcosm of this idea, starting with the overall space – massive, zoomed out, taking everything in.  Then the piles – more focused, drawing the eye to a particular aspect of the overall space, creating a portrait and record of what happens within the space.  The firework – the closest detail, the proof of human use, the surprise found in the subtlety of these spaces.

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